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How to Bikepack the White Rim

I just completed a 4 day, 3 night ride around the 100 mile White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park, from December 5-8. It’s considered a bucket list ride for many, and for good reason: it’s epic as hell! View near White Crack campground Sharing some thoughts I didn’t see covered in depth elsewhere ahead of my ride, especially on the time of year I went, the bike I choose, and how I self-supported my ride over 4 days without doing anything too time-intensive. What’s the road like? This ride mainly traverses a 4x4 road below the Island in the Sky mesa. In general, it’s a very bumpy two-track alternating between shallow sand, hard slickrock (which is not actually slick), rocky dirt, or a combination of all three. The northern quarter of the ride is on a regular dirt county road, and goes on the paved two-lane highway for a bit too (with a nice shoulder). As someone who’s not always fond of unsafe-feeling heights, this road keeps you a safe distance from drop-offs. You can often pick e

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